ZEN ART Festival
International exhibition-competition of symbolic art


Exhibition Dates: June 2-8, 2022

Registration: until May 26, 2022 (inclusive).

Vernissage: June 2, 2022, 17.00.

Finish: June 8, 2022, 16.00.


The address:

Exhibition halls of the Moscow Union of Artists

(Moscow, Kuznetsky Most st., 20)

The exhibition curator Arkadiy Babich



Artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, explorer-traveler.
The member of the Presidium of the Eurasian Art Union;
Vice President of the International Association of Curators;
The member of the Creative Association of Artists of Russia;
The member of the Russian Federation Artists Trade Union
The member of the Travelers' Club named after Yuri Senkevich.


Registration process

Step 1:

Choose whether you want to participate ONLINE or OFFLINE. Both kinds of participants have equal rights.

Step 2: 

Register your artwork via the link till May 25, 2022 (inclusive).

Step 3: 

After the organizing committee confirms participation, the author pays registration fee

Mandatory condition: All participants are published in the catalogue, so it is necessary to provide high-resolution photos of your artwork.

sq. metres
of the symbolic art exposition



All participants are published in the exhibition catalogue. Published in hardcover and paperback.



1) painting

2) graphics

3) sculpture

4) photography

5) textiles

6) arts and crafts

7) video-art and animation 


1) Mystical symbolism
2) Magical realism
3) Fantastic realism
4) Surrealism
5) Symbolic video-art and animation
6) Cosmogony and cosmism
7) Zen of time
8) Zen of communication
9) Zen of stories - Storytelling
10) Item Zen (symbolic talismans and gifts)
11) Zen portraits
12) Zen performance (installations and performances in the spirit of Zen)
Mystical symbolism
Zen of mysteries
Magical realism
Zen of magic
Fantastic realism
Imagination Zen
Zen of the alternate reality
Symbolic video-art and animation

Zen of a virtual world

Cosmogony and cosmism
Zen of space
Symbolism of human relationships
Communication Zen
Zen-style portraits and silhouettes
Personality Zen
Zen-inspired installations and perfomances
Perfomance Zen

Registration deadline: May 26, 2022



Time left:

1 Days 03 Hours 15 Minutes 35 Seconds